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The Toxic Avenger is in Geelong...

Geelong’s newest, and most avant-garde  musical company, The Theatre of the Damned continues its brand new production of The Toxic Avenger this weekend.
Though new to Geelong - and to Victoria - the show is a long-running off-Broadway cult musical. It’s based on a 1984 American superhero comedy horror story that was turned into a  low budget B-movie with ridiculous campy concepts and gruesome violence.
This, in turn became that cult tongue-in-cheek  off-broadway musical.
For the Geelong production, directed by Doug Mann,
Liam Erck is in the title role of The Toxic Avenger, while Shani Clarke plays Sarah; Alicia Miller plays mayor /grandma; PJ White is the  black dude and Will Conway  the white dude.The ensemble comprises Claire Miller, Tori Stones, Leanne Treloar, Alysha Kitchingman, Elijah Ivelja, Liam South and Seth Baxter.

The Toxic Avenger’s run is in the Shenton Centre until April 20  

Find booking details on our Diary HERE.


Strong stuff from Rep’s Artuo Ui

Geelong Rep’s  current play, a new version of Bertold Brecht’s classic The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui is powerful fare.
Directed by Greg Shawcross, and set in the 1920s Chicago fruit trade infiltrated by gangsters, the play was originally written as  a parallel to the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany. 
Director Shawcross turned this around, simplifying and  clarifying the allegories by prefacing each scene with a literal reference to the Nazi’s rise. He also brought in other innovations - as well as assembling a sterling cast.

Following the  opening night, our No-nonsense reviewer, Colin Mockett warns of the  plays strong treatment - some audiences members didn’t remain to the end - but has also nominated it for nine Geelong Theatre awards. The cast is led by  Cameron Allen as Arturo Ui and Joshua McGuane as Roma; (both pictured below) along with Geoff Gaskill as Dogsborough, The Actor, First Grocer and  First Actor; Tom Bartle as Givola and Gaffles; Stacey Carmichael as Sheet, Dockdaisy, Reporter, Betty Dullfeet, and Fifth Actor; Zach Eastwood as Giri;  Sam Lawrence as The Barker, Young Dogsborough, O'Casey, Third Grocer, Fish, Inna, Third Cicero Grocer and  Fourth Actor; Amber Connor as Flake, The Woman, Press, A Gunman, Third Grocer and  Third Actor; Callum Padgett as Mulberry, Goodwill, Greenwool, Defence Counsel, Dullfeet, Second Actor; Barry Eeles as Clark, Judge, Ensemble; Russell Perry as Butcher, Ragg, First Grocer, Prosecutor, Second Grocer, Ensemble; Zoe Prem as Bowl, Second Grocer, Jim Crockett, Roma's Bodyguard, Second Cicero Grocer, Ensemble;  Norm Lowe as Caruther, Manservant, Pastor, First Cicero Grocer.

The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui runs in the Woodbin until  May 5.

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Booking details are on our Comprehensive Diary HERE


Ben & Georgia in A Doll’s House at Ceres

Theatre of the Winged Unicorn has announced that it will present Henrik Ibsen's 1879 masterpiece, A Doll's House at the Ceres Hall in May.
The play is in experienced hands, directed by Elaine Mitchell assisted by Miriam Wood and with a set designed by Stuart and Alard Pett.
The on-stage cast is studded with award winners. It’s headed by Georgia Chara (right) and
Ben Mitchell (left) who play Nora and Torvald Helmer and includes Steven Georgiardis as Nils Krogstad, Kath O'Neill as Kristina Linde, Phillip Besancon as Dr. Rank and Melissa Mussellwhite as Anna Marie
A Doll's House is the play that made Henrik Ibsen famous across the world. Its message is universal and current, its theme is the need of every individual to find out the kind of person he or she really is and to strive to become that person. Ibsen showed that he knew what Freud and Yung were later to assert - that liberation can only come from within. Ibsen declared that what he really wanted was “A revolution of the spirit of humankind!’

A Dolls House is in Ceres Hall May 4 - 19.

Full performance and booking details are on our Comprehensive Diary HERE


Lyric goes pro-European later in May

Geelong Lyric Theatre Society is preparing to stage a big, bright flashy production of Glynn Nicholas’s Song Contest - the almost Eurovision Experience.  The glittering show will be presented at GPAC in May as a replica of the cheesy, glitsy Eurovision Song Contest - only, as the audience gets the final vote, it’s possible there may be different winners each night. And Lyric has cast a mass of Geelong talent, most of whom will double up as different entrants before the wind machine.
Hosts are: Terri Powell as Bettina Bitjakokov,  Jocelyn Mackay as Katarina Vogbogalov and  Jeremy Withers Ivan Adrinkalot,  while the national representatives are: Amy Curtis – Poland and Ireland; Anna Flint – Hungary and Italy; Brendan Rossbotham – Italy, Norway and Poland; Charlotte Crowley – Hungary, Sweden, United Kingdom and Russia; Chris Anderson – Poland and United Kingdom; Christina Hunter – Germany, Iceland and Russia; David Greenwood – United Kingdom and Italy; Davina Smith – Germany, Greece and Russia; Declan Robinson – Iceland, Norway and Poland; Dylan McBurney – Germany and Iceland; Gemma Blake – Hungary, Sweden and United Kingdom; Georgia Peterson – Sweden, Hungary and Iceland; Jane Kosutic – Norway, Hungary and Iceland; Jenna Irvin – Sweden and United Kingdom; Jessica Ciccarelli – Greece and Norway; Keegan Stamp – Hungary, Greece and Iceland; Mae Udarbe – Sweden, Ireland and Norway; Sally Venn – Sweden, United Kingdom and Russia; Sanela Osmanovic – Ireland and Germany; Sascha Keet – Ireland and Greece; Scott Graham – Germany, Greece and Norway; Tracey McKeague – Ireland and Greece; Backing Vocalists are Audrey Davidson,  Lisa Zarb, Sindi Renea,  Michele Marcu and Rachel McKinnon.

Song Contest - the almost Eurovision Experience in sin the Playhouse May 10-19

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Jane Eyre arrives by The Skin Of Our Teeth

Geelong’s Skin Of Our Teeth has announce the cast and crew for its forthcoming production of Jane Eyre, to be presented in the Shenton Centre later in May.
It’s a new adaption of the novel by SOOT founder Christine Davey, who promotes the work as  ‘an exhilarating and fast-paced theatrical imagining of Charlotte Bronte's brilliant novel’.
The play’s director/writer is Christine Davey; its producer is Wendy Robinson; costumes are by Emma Watson; Lighting by Laura Zarb and the lighting design by Steven Georgiadis.

The cast is, as Jane, Gemma Panteleo; Rochester,  Glen Barton; Ensemble: Emma Watson, Rose Musselwhite, Joanna Lusty, Ryan O'Connor, Dominic Westcott; Gracie Rogers, Stephanie Georgiadis, Lauren Atkin, Sarah Smits and Colleen Lawrence.

SOOT’s Jane Eyre runs in the Shenton Centre from May 11to 26

Booking details are on our Comprehensive Diary HERE.


The Deakin effect was all-woman

Drop Of A Hat’s innovative 2018 season of Morning Showtimes at the Potato Shed continues in May with Alfred Deakin’s Women.
It’s a show that picks up and continues the theme from last year’s sold-out and successful ‘
Marvellous Deakin, The Man Who Dreamed Australia’. That show was a musical biography of the man rated Australia’s best prime minister, Alfred Deakin, who presided over our first governments  - and won Australia the reputation as the world’s kindest to its people.

That show touched on the facts that Deakin’s senior political adviser was his sister, and that his household was all female, with a strong wife and three daughters.

That’s the Deakin household pictured above, with the addition of Alfred’s mother.
The new show,
Alfred Deakin’s Women, explores further into the background of these women with some surprising revelations.
It turns out that those Deakin women were at the forefront of establishing institutions as familiar - and diverse - to us as the Australian Red Cross, CSIRO - and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
Again researched and written by Colin Mockett,
Alfred Deakin’s Women is  illustrated with the music of the times, meaning the show contains some beautiful parlour songs from the turn of the 20th Century.
It features narration and images from Colin Mockett, music and songs from Shirley Power and Reyna Hudgell.

Alfred Deakin’s Women has its premiere performance 10.30am Tuesday May 15 in The Potato Shed, Drysdale.
Tickets at $15 include, as always, interval refreshments from Baker’s Delight.

Full Booking details are on our Comprehensive Diary HERE


Two Lachies On A Train in Torquay

Torquay Theatre Troup’s opening play for the year, Strangers on a Train opens on 14 May.  It is a classic thriller written by Craig Warner, directed by Michael Baker and based on a book by Patricia Highsmith.

It was made into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, which turned out quite different from the stage play. So TTT’s new production revives the original play, and promises that it will be ‘enthralling from the first moment’. Director Baker has chosen a talented and experienced TTT cast led by two Lachies: Lachie Errey will play Charles Bruno, while Lachie Vivian-Taylor plays Guy Haines. Meanwhile  Elsie Bruno is played by  Maryanne Doolan; Anne Faulkner  by Catherine Crowe; Frank Myers by Tom Van Looy;  Robert Treacher by Don Bennett and Arthur Gerard by Ethan Cook.

Strangers On A Train opens in the company’s Price St Theatre May 17 and runs until May 26.

Full Booking details are on our Comprehensive Diary HERE


The Killer Queens are on their way...

CenterStage Geelong has announced the cast for its forthcoming production of the Queen musical We Will Rock You. The show’s lead of Galileo Figaro will be played by Jonathan Gardner; Scaramouche by Morgan Heynes;  The Killer Queen by Natasha Bassett; Commander Khashoggi by Josh McGuane;  Buddy Holly by Matt  Shinner; Britney Spears by Brady King; Ozzie Osbourne by Mellissa Harrington, with the  Teen Queens: Cassie Chappell, Christie Walter, Alicia O’Bree, Katie Loxston and Tali Morrisey. The show’s  ensemble comprises: Alysia MacLeod, Anna Flint, Ari Gavin, Caitlyn Lear, Charlotte Crowley, Courtney Vos, Damian Carouso, Elija Ivelja, Elyse Batson, Jemma Lowther, Jesse Ivelja, Joey Donald, Kate Gore, Kayla Bamford, Melanie Dobrovoljni, Michael Hawthorn, Murray Plowman, Nick Rogers, Oliver Russell, Trudi Riley, Will Johnston and William Reed.

We Will Rock You opens July 20

 Find booking details on our Comprehensive Diary HERE.


Kethly plays Valma in Geelong’s Chicago

Geelong’s Theatre Of The Damned has announced the cast for its forthcoming version of Chicago, to play in the Shenton Centre in August. The lead part of

Velma Kelly will be played by Kethly Hemsworth (right); Billy Flynn by Andrew Perry, Roxy Hart by Shani Clarke,  Matron ‘Mama’ Morton by Shayne Lowe, Mary Sunshine by Liam Erck, Amos Hart by Trent Inturissi, Master of Ceremonies by PJ White. The Murderesses are: Liz, Jorja Bromley, Annie, Ashley Boyd, June, Georgia Peterson, Hunyak, Alicia Miller, Mona, Ester Hermann, Go-To-Hell-Kitty is Tegan Drever.

The Ensemble is Kendall Fisher, Dyrone Watane, Josh McInnes and Molly Carter.

ToTD’s Chicago opens August 10.

Booking details, when released, will be  on the Comprehensive Diary HERE


There are even more musicals on the way...

Geelong’s love affair with musical theatre continues at a pace.
Our region’s companies are preparing to stage  a whole list of new productions during 2018. Here’s the first raft..

Following Footlight’s Beauty and the Beast in January, 42nd Street in March and TotD’s The Toxic Avenger in April, will cme  Song Contest -  The Almost Eurovision Experience presented by Geelong Lyric in May  Shrek - The Musical staged by GSODA in June,  We Will Rock You in July/August, Chicago, in August and Little Shop Of Horrors in October/November.

Find ALL Geelong’s theatre and stage productions listed on our Diary HERE.


Les Mis returns to the Geelong Footlights

Geelong’s multi-awarded Footlight Productions has announced that it will present the world’s most popular musical - Les Miserables - in Geelong January 2019.

The company has only recently closed a season of Disney’s Beauty And The Beast.  It last presented Les Mis in 2013.


Geelong’s glamorous theatre awards
-  our Oscar experience

Geelong’s inaugural Theatre Awards presentation - a high-glamour, low-cost  event held at Drysdale’s Potato Shed on Sunday November 26, 2017, was pronounced a resounding success by all who attended.
The packed venue - some 200 stylishly-dressed theatricals - saw 25 awards bestowed, in a new format dedicated to Geelong-born theatrical star Oscar Asche.
The evening also saw musical and dramatic entertainment as well as an introduction to the Geelong Theatre all of Fame.
All this and a rare opportunity for Geelong’s theatrical community to get together and network among peers.
Pictured above is Sophie Collins, joint winner of our Best Lead Actress In A Musical Oscar.  Her co-winner was Morgan Heynes, her fellow witch in Footlight’s Wicked.

For a full account of the evening, and a complete list of winners and nominees, visit our Awards Home Page - or CLICK HERE
The 2018 Geelong Theatre Awards will be presented at a glittering, glamorous ceremony Sunday November 25.
Full details and booking number on the Comprehensive Diary HERE


Ex-councillor Joel is GPAC’s new boss

Geelong’s Performing Arts Centre has appointed Joel McGuinness as its new Chief Executive Officer.
Mr McGuinness will begin work at the centre on 13 March and oversee its ongoing  $38.5million upgrade.
He replaces former GPAC general manager Jill Smith, who announced that she would be stepping down late last year.
A self-confessed ‘committee junkie’, Mr McGuinness has  resigned his position as an elected member of council for the City of Bunbury, WA.
He was elected in 2014, following a five-year stint as general manager of the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre where he oversaw
a successful $12.5m redevelopment.
A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Mr McGuinness is currently the director of the Bunbury Fringe and
South West Multicultural Festivals.
He has held numerous arts-industry board positions, including vice-chair of the Australian Performing Arts Centres Association.
On his appointment Joel said: he was  ‘thrilled to be moving to Geelong Performing Arts Centre at such an exciting time’. He said he was ‘keen to start working with the (GPAC) Trust, staff and the whole community to deliver great outcomes for Geelong, the G21 Region and the broader arts sector in Victoria and nationally’.


And there’s so much more on our stages

This website lists all of Geelong's music, drama and theatre entertainment on our Comprehensive Diary  page. But our city also enjoys a wide range of meetings, groups, sessions and musical events that don't feature on our diary, or in the local media, because they are regular club events.  So alongside our diary entries, keep in mind that: the Geelong Folk Music Club holds weekly concert on the first Monday of each month from 7.00pm at The Naval Club in Skene St, Newtown; and the last Saturday of each month at The Hub, Cnr McKillop and Humble Sts in East Geelong, as well as odd events around the region.  Check their website for more.  Also, Geelong's Historical Society meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month (details from Freda 5278 3530) and our Philosophers Café meets to put the world to rights on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the back room of The Barking Dog Hotel in Pakington St.  

For Country Music fans there’s a host of regular concerts and shows in Geelong including A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon of Country Music on the first Sunday of each month at The Norlane Bowling Clubrooms, 36 St George’s Rd Norlane from 12-30pm to 5-30ish. Cost $7 aids charity and there’s tucker available.  Geelong Country Rock Music Group meet each Tuesday night at The Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre, 36 Sharland Road, Corio, from 6-30pm. Meals and drinks available, $3-00 entry. For more info, call John Hayes on 0414 265725. North Geelong Country Music Group, meet each Wednesday 7.00pm at The Yorringa Avenue Senior Citizens Rooms,  Yorringa Avenue, Norlane. Meals and drinks available $3 entry, for more info. contact Eric Cook on 0429 143237.

 Kardinia Country Music Group meet each Friday night at The Kardinia Senior Citizens Rooms, Corner Park and Moorabool Sts, South Geelong. $3 entry, supper available.

If you have an event that should be listed here - or on our diary, tell us.

Information included anywhere on this website is free. If there is any other thing you would like us to include, just click here to let us know