Shirley Power & Colin Mockett

Shirley Power & Colin Mockett are
Geelong-based entertainers who combine
fine music with humour.

Shirley provides the music,
Colin the laughter.

Shirley is a musician and singer of traditional songs with the voice of an angel.
She possesses a pure, clear singing voice as distinctive as her trademark autoharp. (That's Shirley with her ‘harp on the right). Shirley appears at home singing in the 1,400-seat Costa Hall backed by the Geelong Philharmonic Orchestra as she is accompanying herself at festivals, in folk clubs or acoustic venues. She has a phenomenal repertoire of traditional and vintage songs, she's as comfortable  singing the words of Robert Burns or John Lennon, Henry Lawson or Edith Piaf, Bob Dylan or Eartha Kitt. She regularly sings with the Geelong Authentic Old
Time Music Hall, (as saucy Fifi La Bonk, left); with the Drop Of A Hatband  (below, right) or solo in concert. But she is much more frequently seen in partnership with Colin, presenting two-person shows that mix humour, information and great songs. Their subjects range from the story of Geelong - presented as a potted musical history backed by powerpoint images for conventions or community groups - to musical biographies of J F Archibald, Henry Lawson & Banjo Paterson, Robert Burns, Thomas Moore, Gracie Fields - or a whole bunch of Celtic comedians. 
But their most popular presentation is simply Shirley and Colin, Humour and Fine Music. Shirley plays guitar, Appalachian Dulcimer and keyboard as well as her autoharp. A former nurse, she is an experienced and accomplished musical therapist.  She has recorded three albums, one on vinyl, two on CD. Find details of these on the shop page, and all the presentations on the Drop Of A Hat page.


And then... there’s Colin.

Colin Mockett provides the duo's humour and writes the shows and presentations. He's a researcher, historian, critic, actor, stand-up comedian, compere, entertainer, raconteur, editor, publisher and producer. He's a literary journeyman with a swag of journalism awards. He proudly possesses a healthy cynicism, sharp sense of humour and a penchant for witty poetry. Colin edits the entertainmentgeelong.com website and frequently hosts tourists - by the cruise-liner or busload - showing them the best of Geelong as well as the City’s historical aspects. Colin wrote the series and appears as one of Geelong's Grumpy Old Men (right)
who provide cutting 21st Century live commentary, comedy - and controversy. Solo, Colin is a sought-after compere for big occasions and an accomplished off-the-cuff actor providing surprise 'guests' at conventions and occasions. He’s also a well know deliverer of historical characters. These include Geelong's founder Captain Foster Fyans; 1920s Mayor Howard Hitchcock; Thomas Wills, the man who started Australian Rules Football;  and Geelong Botanical Garden's first curator Daniel Bunce. 
Colin's Captain Fyans (left) and Mayor Howard Hitchcock lead happy history-themed walking tours through Geelong's  historic precincts.  Captain Fyans is especially popular as a tour-guide for schools, giving primary students a sense of their City’s history.
Colin has published four joke books and edited four books of Geelong senior citizens memories collected during past Seniors Festivals. They're all available on the Shop page,  with details of the guided walks.
Shirley and Colin married in 1990, and their partnership – both on an off stage enhanced each of their careers - as well as Geelong's entertainment scene.
In Geelong, they're known for their Drop Of A Hat shows, tours, concerts and big occasions.
At festivals throughout Australia, they're probably better known as the couple who combine fine music and humour with a highly professional  gloss.

To Contact Shirley or Colin

just click


or phone (61) 03 5278 3768

When Shirley held the AFL Cup

hat's Shirley holding the AFL 2009 Champions Cup, having (almost) charmed it from the hands of then Geelong Football Club president Frank Costa (right) while Linda & Roy Carson and Colin complete a happy crew of supporters. The unexpected photo was taken following Geelong's Concert Of The Decade VIII in the Costa Hall one week after the Grand Final on October 3, 2009. The show had featured Geelong's finest performing artists topped off with a surprise appearance by Frank and his trophy.

Colin has a great face for radio

And that's Colin, as Alfred Deakin, formerly opening the first Radio National forum to be hosted by the Alfred Deakin Research Institute in October 2009. Watching are panel members (from left) Dr Cate Burns, Associate Professor Linda Hancock and the ABC's Matt Peacock. The forum was hosted by Warwick Hadfield and was transmitted as part of Radio National's Life Matters.

Shirley is sometimes dressed in time 

That’s a heritage-listed Shirley  at Barwon Park mansion, in the guise of Elizabeth Austin.

Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, the mansion’s builder, lived in the mansion for 40 years. During that time she founded the Austin Hospital and Shirley was part of a reception for staff and volunteers from the Austin Hospital in 2011.  And it was small wonder she looked so good in the part. The dress she wore was an exact replica of one of Elizabeth Austin’s 140-year-old originals.

You’ll find more re-enactment details on the Drop Of A Hat page.

While Colin Fosters the spirit of history

Colin frequently conducts fun historic tours of Geelong’s waterfront. He’s booked by tourism and community groups as well as schools for these hour-long  tours. When taking school students, he’s usually in the guise of Geelong’s founder, Capt. Foster Fyans.  That’s because invoking the spirit of big, brash, Irishman Capt Fyans - who died in 1870 - captures the student’s attention and creates the happiest way to learn - the kids always have a great deal of fun while experiencing history first hand - from the Captain’s memory.

Above is Colin as the Captain with a group from Yr 3 Montpellier Primary School in 2011.

You’ll find details of Colin’s tours on the Drop Of A Hat page. 

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