Upcoming Auditions

Torquay One Act Play

Torquay Theatre Troupe is holding auditions for Dan Archibald’s one act play 

The Ashes of Great Men

It’s an exaggerated account of one couple’s changing views of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Characters are:  Harold – a middle aged librarian 45-55

Grace – his wife 40-55

Hewitt – a policeman 30-50

The auditions will be held at 16 Price St, Torquay on Thursday 6th June from 7:00pm 

The play will be performed at 16 Price St Torquay on August 9,10 & 11 (matinee) and at the Anglesea One Act Play Festival August 17/18

Rehearsals will start June 30.  

Rehearsal times are Thursdays 7 - 10, Sundays 5 - 8 and Monday 5 Aug 7 - 10

For enquiries, more information or to arrange an audition time please ring Gay Bell on 0408140961.