Drop of a Hat's 2020 Morning Showtime Season

March - Meet Geelong's Ancestors


 Meet The Ancestors III

Meet iconic historic Geelong residents in person as they explain their stories and their place in our region’s heritage.

And hear them sing, too - songs from their times.

Hosted by Charles Brownlow and Godfrey Hirst, you’ll meet Dr Mary de Garis, Alfred Douglass, Ellen Davitt, Captain Francis Ormond, Bransby Cooper and more.  

10.30am Tuesday March 3, 2020, tickets $17 include interval refreshments. 

May - The All-Beatles Singalong


 The All-Beatles Singalong

Close your eyes and we’ll miss you…

All the words of all your favourite Beatle songs will be on the big screen for you to join in.  The music is live - and beautiful. 

Just Imagine... Yesterday…  All You Need Is Love… In a Yellow Submarine... with a Paperback Writer.

Wallow in nostalgia in a presentation by  Colin Mockett with the Hatband's Adam Parsons.

 10.30am Tuesday May 5, 2020

June - Hear about Geelong's strong women



Strength and Grace -  Strong Women who helped shape Geelong. 

Researched & presented by Colin Mockett presenting the stories of our region’s strong women and explaining their part in our history. From pioneers right up to the present. Included are Fanny Brownbill, Caroline Newcomb, Anne Drysdale, Carrie Moore, Elizabeth Austin, Louie Hitchcock and more. Actor/singers are Jocelyn Mackay, Reyna Hudgell, Emma Jones, ShirleyPower. 10.30am Tuesday June 2, 2020.

September - History, Music Hall and Mr Sudden!


 The History of Music Hall 

My Old Man Said Follow The Van - straight to the Potato Shed where our historian/entertainer Colin Mockett will explain the history of Britain’s Old Time Music Hall.

He’s helped, at enormous expense, by your very own entertainers Mr Ronald Sudden and the delectable Mistress Shirley Power.

10.30am Tuesday September 8, 2020

October - Super Songs of the 1960s



Songs of Swinging Britain 

We’re going back in time to London in the 1960s - when England was swinging to the sounds of a new wave of pop music.

The show is narrated by Colin with music from favourite group The Drop Of A Hatband

10.30am Tuesday October 4, 2020 

November - Elvis is back!


 The Elvis Presley Story.

He’s back in the building! by popular demand, a reprise of our show which tells the story of The King - told by Colin Mockett - enhanced by images and highlighted with his songs played and sung by All Shook Up! 

This show sold out fast last year, we recommend you book early.

10.30am Tuesday November 10, 2020.