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Your Christmas Presents solved - while helping our Arts economy

Thinking of giving theatre or concert tickets as a Christmas gift? That’s an excellent idea and it supports the Geelong economy. Our Comprehensive Diary lists more than 120 plays, concerts and events in our region for you to consider.
 But why not choose a series subscription - the gift that keeps on giving..

Subscriptions range in price from well under $100.

Here’s a sample: Morning Showtimes at the Potato Shed cost $75 for five shows (from a list of 10) and include free refreshments. Or how about a ticket to all three Geelong Symphony Orchestra’s Costa Hall concerts for just $150 ($120 concession)?  Our newly refurbished Geelong Arts Centre has a $386 package for it’s eight-play season with deals for five or more.

Find details of all performances to choose from, and contact numbers to call on our Comprehensive Diary HERE. 



Mama Mia - here we go again - in Geelong in January!


Geelong’s Footlight Productions has brought together a strong and multi-award-winning team for its January 2020 production of Mamma Mia! to be staged in the Geelong Arts Centre’s Playhouse Theatre.
The big happy musical is directed by Alister Smith, with John Shawcross his musical director; Lochlan Erard, choreographer and Nikki Arnott assistant director. 

The strong cast is led by, as Donna, Sophie Collins; Tanya, Narelle Bonnici; Rosie, Samantha Heskett; Sam, Jamie McGuane; Bill, Shane Lee; Harry,  David Senftleben; Sophie, Cassie Chappell; Lisa, Georgia Nicholls; Ali, Lucy Blackwood; Sky, Josh McGuane; Pepper, Charlie McIntyre; Eddie, Tom Membrey. The female ensemble is: Kayla Bamford, Cindy Bateup, Ashley Boyd, Miriam Brownstein, Tess Carr, Molly Jones, Jemma Lowther, Alicia Miller, India Ney, Amanda Paris, Ali Simpson, Chanelle Tait, Anthea Tsatsaronis and Christie Walter. The male ensemble is: Andrew Coomber, Damian Caruso, Elijah Ivelja, David Keele, Ben Krahe, Beau Lewis, Braiden Troy and David Van Etten. 

Mamma Mia! will be staged at the Playhouse Theatre, GAC, from January 17 to February 1, 2020.

Dates and details are on our Comprehensive Diary Page HERE

The Foreigner arrives in February


Geelong Rep’s first play for 2020 will be The Foreigner, written by  Larry Shue and directed by Scott Beaton. 

A social comedy, the play is set in a fishing lodge in rural Tilghman County, Georgia where two Englishmen arrive as guests. One is shy to the point of silence, and his friend explains that he is a foreigner unable to understand English. This leads to other guests confiding their secrets…

The cast is:  as Sgt. “Froggy” Le Sueur,  Fred Preston; Charlie Baker,  Matthew Bradford; 

Betty Meeks, Katie Hall; Catherine Simms, Gracie Rogers; Rev. David Marshall Lee, Steven Georgiades; Ellard Simms,  Lachy Murphy; 

Owen Musser,  David Mackay.

The Foreigner opens in Rep’s Woodbin Theatre February 7 and runs until February 22. 

Booking details on our Diary HERE

There's a place CenterStage for Sharks & Jets March in Geelong


CenterStage Geelong has announced the cast and crew for it's forthcoming production of  West Side Story, to be staged at Geelong Arts Centre late March and early April 2020. The big musical will be  directed by Jordan Reid with musical directors Daniel Heskett and Eric Von Ahlefeldt. The show's  choreographer is Remy Noonan and vocal director is Madeline Cain. The cast is: Tony - Kurt Russo; Maria - Bec Harland; Anita - Perri Espinoza; Bernardo - Elias Jabbour;  Officer Krupke - Josh McInnes; Glad Hand - Trent Inturrisi; Lt. Schrank - Chris Anderson.  

Jets: Action - Liam Erck; Anybodys - Ari Gavin; Baby John - Saul Kavenagh; A-rab - Cameron Field; Snowboy - Will Johnston; Diesel - Oliver Russell; Big Deal - Jacob McKenna.  Jet girls: Graziella - Bek Wik; Velma - Katie Loxston; Madeline Mrak, Ishara Waddick, Jess Wynhoven,  

Alysia McCleod, Charli Rowe. 

Sharks: Chino - Luke Carra; Pepe - Jacob Carr; Moose - Harry Hudson-Collins. Shark girls:  Rosalia - Ruby Buchanan; Conseulo - Chloe Stojanovic; Francisca - Nikki Lenaghan; Caitlyn Lear, Chloe Lewis, Ruby Dillon, Stefani Aleksic.  Somewhere Soloist - Cate Dunstan; off-stage singers: Jack McPhail, Maya Supple, Stephanie Beall, Amber Withers, Amy Curtis, Alysha Kitchingham, Jasmin Wilson, Bonet Leate, Patrick Bongiorno.  

West Side Story opens in GAC's Playhouse March 27. 

Booking details on our Diary Page HERE

Damned Side Show cast - for April


Theatre of the Damned has announced the cast for its production of Side Show to be staged in the Shenton Theatre April/May 2020.
The musical is set in a depression-era American circus where performers – generally people with disabilities, either real or faked – are placed on display to be gawked at. It can be brutal, but it is the only place they can find a job and acceptance. The Geelong cast includes, as Daisy, Leticia Bayliss; Violet, Jenn Stirk; Terry, Liam McWhinney; Buddy, Jacob Carr; Jake, Trent Inturissi, Sir, Dan Eastwood; Ray/Lizard Man/Judge, Elijah Ivelja; Auntie/Ensemble, Nicole Hickman; Fortune Teller/Ensemble, Aashlea Oakes; Houdini/Pin Cushion, David Van Etten; Half man/Half woman/Ensemble, Tracey Mc Keague; Bearded Lady/Ensemble, Jane Kosutic; Tattoo Girl/Ensemble, Emma Jones; Venus De Milo/Ensemble, Jaime Unmack; Geek/Doctor/Ensemble, Liam South; Three-legged-man/Doctor, Ben Mc Naughton; Dog boy, Jake Beasant; Tod Browning/Doctor, Patrick Bonjornio; Sir’s Lawyer/Ensemble: Seth Baxter. Reporters/Ensemble are: Zoe Prem, Claudia Bove, Isabelle Shears and Ella Ingles.

Side Show is in the Shenton Performing Arts Centre April 24th to May 2, 2020

Booking details on our Diary Page HERE

Howard is Morrie, Matt is Mitch at the Woodbin


Geelong Rep has announced the cast for it’s second play of the year, Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie, directed by Greg Shawcross and opening at the Woodbin April 24. 

Morrie will be played by Howard Dandy, with Mitch by Matthew Bradford.

Tuesdays With Morrie will run in the Woodbin until May 9. 

Details on our Comprehensive Diary HERE