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Two Guvnors at the Woodbin


Geelong REP's current product is One Man, Two Guvnors, written by Richard Bean and directed by Derek Ingles. 

The play is an English adaptation of the 1743 Italian comedy A Servant Of Two Masters  (Il servitore di due padroni) by Carlo Goldini. The English version shifts the original Italian heritage setting to 1963 Brighton, UK.

The Richard Bean version opened at the English  National Theatre  in 2011.
Its complicated plot line follows the adventures of an out-of-work musician who becomes separately employed by two men – one a gangster ,the other an  upper-class twit. There are multiple plot twists including gender swapping, gangster marriage and some audience involvement.
The Geelong version stars Lachy Joyce in the lead role supported by Steven Georgiadis, Shani Clarke, Steve Howell, Shelise Robertson, Liam South, Jenn Stirk, Jesse Ivelja, Dale Bradford, David Van Etten and Gabriel Wenyika.
One Man Two Gunners opens in the Woodbin Theatre November 15. 

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Medimime's Rapunzel


Medimime’s 2019 fundraising show Rapunzel: A Tangled Panto is already in production. The big, colourful pantomime is directed by Liz Lester with production liaison from Scott Graham. Vocal directors are Deanne Elliott and Sally-Anne Cowdell, while Michelle McDowall is the show’s choreographer. The delightful pantomime spoof has a fun mix of theatrical and medical personnell in its cast including, as Rapunzel: Cate Dunstan; Nurse Hetty Hairspray: Scott Bradley; Willie Widdle: Seamus Kennedy; Gothel: Kate Gore; King Ralph: Scott Graham; Queen Rose: Jenna Irvin; Ball: Deanne Elliott; Socket: Trent Inturrisi; Prince George: Alicia Neels; Fairy Good: Paige van der Chys; Fairy Well: Georgia Hermans; Fairy Nuff: Amity Durran; Sergeant Hawkeye: Daniel Grocott and Story Teller: Joanna MacCarthy.

 The Adult Ensemble comprises: Alisha Jones, Alysha Kitchingman, Andy Booth, Arielle Renton-Gibb, Bart Abbas, Debbie Troop, Doremy Bagshaw, Erin Bloye, Ethan O'Brien, Frank Engelsman, Ged Sweeney, Grace Williamson, Jane Kosutic, Joanna MacCarthy, Kiara Troop, Lindsay Musella, Maddy Magher, Mia Walters, Rachel Helwig, Ruby Dillon, Sarah Booth, Sarah Rus, Sebastian Dowler, Sophie Cutropia, Tahlia Walker and Zoe Prem. 

The Child Ensemble is: Bonnie Clissold, Campbell Van Elst, Eibhlm Sharkey, Elliott Renton-Gibb, Grace McConachy, Jacob Irwin, Jemma Kevich, Katie McKeague, Kayla Booth, Maggie McKeague, Sarah Joordans, Sienna Pedersen, Ted Hart, Tess Chatham and Tilly Lewis. 

Rapunzel runs until  November 23.

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There's a place CenterStage for Sharks & Jets in Geelong


CenterStage Geelong has announced the cast and crew for it's forthcoming production of  West Side Story, to be staged at Geelong Arts Centre late March and early April 2020. The big musical will be  directed by Jordan Reid with musical directors Daniel Heskett and Eric Von Ahlefeldt. The show's  choreographer is Remy Noonan and vocal director is Madeline Cain. The cast is: Tony - Kurt Russo; Maria - Bec Harland; Anita - Perri Espinoza; Bernardo - Elias Jabbour;  Officer Krupke - Josh McInnes; Glad Hand - Trent Inturrisi; Lt. Schrank - Chris Anderson.  

Jets: Action - Liam Erck; Anybodys - Ari Gavin; Baby John - Saul Kavenagh; A-rab - Cameron Field; Snowboy - Will Johnston; Diesel - Oliver Russell; Big Deal - Jacob McKenna.  Jet girls: Graziella - Bek Wik; Velma - Katie Loxston; Madeline Mrak, Ishara Waddick, Jess Wynhoven,  

Alysia McCleod, Charli Rowe. 

Sharks: Chino - Luke Carra; Pepe - Jacob Carr; Moose - Harry Hudson-Collins. Shark girls:  Rosalia - Ruby Buchanan; Conseulo - Chloe Stojanovic; Francisca - Nikki Lenaghan; Caitlyn Lear, Chloe Lewis, Ruby Dillon, Stefani Aleksic.
Somewhere Soloist - Cate Dunstan; off-stage singers: Jack McPhail, Maya Supple, Stephanie Beall, Amber Withers, Amy Curtis, Alysha Kitchingham, Jasmin Wilson, Bonet Leate, Patrick Bongiorno.  

West Side Story opens in GAC's Playhouse March 27. 

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The Foreigner arrives in 2020


Geelong Rep’s first play for 2020 will be The Foreigner, written by  Larry Shue and directed by Scott Beaton. 

A social comedy, the play is set in a fishing lodge in rural Tilghman County, Georgia where two Englishmen arrive as guests. One is shy to the point of silence, and his friend explains that he is a foreigner unable to understand English. 

This leads to other guests confiding their secrets…

The Foreigner opens in Rep’s Woodbin Theatre February 7 and runs until February 22. 

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The Damned brings Ladies In Black


Geelong's Theatre of the Damned has announced the dates and crew for its production Ladies in Black to be performed in the Shenton Centre in April 2020. 

The new Australian musical, with lyrics by Tim Finn and book by Carolyn Burns will be directed by Elise Dahl assisted by  Nikki Arnott  with  Selmo Carreira their musical director.
Choreographer is Jaz Wickson, costumes by Leonie Joynson  with  Scott Warren stage manager and lighting by Lucy Ingles.

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