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We Had It Coming - a vibrant version of Chicago in Geelong!

Geelong’s Theatre Of The Damned continues its sizzling high-energy version of the musical Chicago  this week.

It's a slightly scaled-down  adaption of the big, glossy jazz-age show, in order to fit on to the staging restrictions of the modest-size Shenton Theatre. But, according to reviewer Colin Mockett, this Chicago  lost nothing of its 1920s sassy feel, nor its underlying black-humoured cynicism - and it does have a musical swagger from its outstanding choreography, music and talent. He's nominated the show for a swag of awards. These include for the show's three leads - Kethly Hemsworth, who plays murderess Velma Kelly,  Shani Clarke, who plays her rival Roxy Hart and Andrew Perry, for his portrayal as their slick lawyer  Billy Flynn.  Matron ‘Mama’ Morton is played by Shayne Lowe, Mary Sunshine by Liam Erck, Amos Hart by Trent Inturissi.
The Murderesses are: Liz, Tegan Drever, Annie, Ashley Boyd, June, Molly Carter, Hunyak, Alicia Miller, Mona, Kristie Wiltshire, Go-To-Hell-Kitty is Chet-Anne Dee Elsum.
The male ensemble is Kendall Fisher,  Josh McInnes David Van Etten and Kai Mann-Robertson. 

ToTD’s Chicago opens this Friday August 10 in East Geelong's Shenton Centre.

But good luck getting tickets. Its run continues until August 25.

Booking details, are on the Comprehensive Diary HERE

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And see the Theatre Award nominations HERE

Grease is the word this week - for three of our schools

It has been the recent practise for our city's three biggest Catholic schools to collaborate over a big annual musical, with one College's team leading as producer/director.
The 2019 tri-school musical opens this week, with Clonard College in the production chairs. In collaboration with St Joseph’s and Sacred Heart Colleges, they've chosen to present the big fifties high-school musical, Grease.

So this week we get the chance to wind back the clock to 1959 and experience the senior class of Rydell High in the era of rock n roll, greasers, pink ladies and the school dance. Sub-plots take on  the challenges of peer pressure, relationships, identity and loyalty... And, of course, all the players are exactly the right age for their roles. And if past performances are a measure, they're talented enough to bring chills that are multiplying...

Grease The Musical opens in GPAC's Playhouse August 16. 

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Join with Madame Butterfly

The tragically beautiful ballet Madame Butterfly arrives in Geelong this month, part of a nationwide tour from Melbourne City Ballet. The story of a beautiful Japanese geisha hopelessly clinging to the belief that her marriage to American Lieutenant Pinkerton will last is classic; as is Puccini’s lush score. This production has choreography described as ‘exquisite and sensitive’ - and it offers the opportunity for local dancers to join the professional cast.

The company will audition boys and girls, aged between 8 and 18 years old with basic ballet skills and knowledge. They will learn the choreography at a workshop on the day of the company’s evening performance.  Madame Butterfly is at The Potato Shed August 17.  

Details are on our Diary HERE  

And details of how to join in are at

Anglesea’s annual feast of plays about to happen

Our region’s premier one-act play festival is held over the weekend of August 18 & 19 in the pretty seaside town of Anglesea.   Hosted by Anglesea Performing Arts, we can’t tell you how many plays will be presented over the weekend because applications are still being processed.   Enough to say the organisers are talking about record numbers. The festival is a weekend that traditionally delights playgoers with its diversity, and the weekend is heightened with just a touch of inter-company rivalry.   This year’s adjudicator is Dan Giovannoni, a Melbourne playwright who is currently writer in residence at Melbourne Theatre Company.   The One Act Play Festival is in the town’s Memorial Hall, McMillan Street. Full details are available  online at

while ticket prices are $15 per session , or a full weekend gold pass costs just $35.00.   Details are on our Comprehensive Diary HERE.

Society - from a different perspective

Back To Back Theatre’s community programme Theatre of Speed has a new production opening this month. Titled Society, the work is an original theatre documentary comprising a series of inter-connected scenes.   The project explores the idea of groups; how they function, how they are created, the dynamics within them and the rules that govern them - all from the unique perspective of young actors with intellectual disabilities.   Back To Back is an internationally recognised theatre company. It’s Theatre of Speed is a group of 15 young people with intellectual disabilities who meet weekly to devise theatre and develop their performance skills through collaborating together and with professional guests artists. They create works that explore their unique voices and life experiences. Their new work Society is marketed as… ‘Society is unexpected. Being scared is permitted…’   The bowling club pic above was taken by Jeff Busby

Society opens August 22 at Back To Back’s studio Theatre

Find booking details HERE

Rep's talented Sisterhood

Geelong Rep Director Geoff Gaskill has chosen his cast for the company's forthcoming social comedy The Charitable Sisterhood Of the Second Trinity Victory Church. 

It's a neat mix of Rep regulars with talented newcomers. 

The all-woman cast comprises, as Tina, Lynne Elphinston-Gray; as Riley, Sindi Renea; as Janet, Tina Rettke; as Lorraine: Terri Scott and as Bea, Claudia Clark. The play, written by Bo Wilson is set in 1977 America. It's   promoted as 'a heart-warming play in the vein of Steel Magnolias.'

The Charitable Sisterhood Of the Second Trinity Victory Church opens in the Woodbin September 7. 

Booking details on our Comprehensive Diary HERE

Pre-epare Ye The Way Of - Godspell

GSODA Theatre Collective will present the 2012 revised edition of the ensemble Biblical musical Godspell in East Geelong's Shenton Centre late September.  The company, of mostly 16 - 25 year-olds with music theatre experience, has employed Debbie Fraser to direct the show, with Will Conway musical director and no fewer than five choreographers in Liam Ryder, Chloe Stojanovic, Jack O'Riley, Sarah Glynne and Georgia Hermans. Vocal director is Anita Barlow-Burman. Two of those choreographers are also cast in lead parts, with Liam playing Jesus and Chloe playing Telly, while Thomas Newman plays John The Baptist, Ben Arnold is Nick, Georgia Potter is Anna Maria, Lauren Barnard is George, Leticia Baylis is Lindsay, Katie Williams is Uzo,  Janice Devarokonda is Morgan and Chloe Hayden is Celisse.

Godspell opens in the Shenton Centre September 28.

Booking details on our Diary HERE

Queenscliff's past revealed

Drop Of A Hat Production will present another history-based musical show for October's Morning Showtimes At The Potato Shed. A Short History Of Queenscliff  uses the company's successful multimedia format of live performance, narration and big-screen projected images. This one has music, too. The show's characters are drawn from the company's successful History Alive! tours of Queenscliff Cemetery, played by Bryan and Maureen Eaton, Barry Eeles, Emma Jones Shirley Power and Colin Mockett. Their monalogues are augmented by stories, film clips and images. 

A Short History Of Queenscliff 

is in the Potato Shed 10.30am Tuesday October 9.

Find booking details on our Diary HERE

Dinkum show in Queenscliff

Queenscliff Lighthouse Theatre Company will present Linda Aronson’s Dinkum Assorted in the town mid-October. The play, described as ‘an Australian comedy with tap-dancing’ is set in an Australian country town’s biscuit factory during World War II. The all-female cast struggle to save their factory, run a ‘Mum’s Army’ Civil Defence Unit, put on a show for the War Effort – and cope with the fact that two thousand US airmen have just been stationed there.

Directed by Jennie Roles, with Ron Sudden her MD, QLTC’s cast includes some well-known Geelong theatre names. Joan is played by Emma Jones, Connie by Trina Dakin, Millie by Jenn Stirk, Grace by Carol Fogg, Florrie by Gae Gray, Little Beat by Nicole Hickman, Ethel - by Eleanor Beasley, Vi by Chanelle Tait, Rosie by Steph Beall, Pearl - by Hannah Petrie-Allbutt, Glad by Ally Miller, Big Beat by Joy Launikonis, Doris by Vivienne Lewis, Edie by Heather Kiddle and Margie by Norma Addison. The pre-show chorus comprises Donna Barnard, Jennifer Blomeley, Larissa Young and Cynthia Hughes. 

Dinkum Assorted opens at the Queenscliff Uniting Church. Oct 12. 

Find details on our Diary HERE

APA's Hope Song Comes to Geelong

Anglesea Performing Arts  is preparing to stage its award-winning production The Hope Song in Geelong for the first time. The play will again be directed by Iris Walsh-Howling and Janine MacKenzie, who took our 2017 Best Director Theatre Award for this work when it was first staged in Anglesea. This was followed by a sell-out season at Melbourne's La Mama theatre.

 Written by Janet Brown, The Hope Song  sympathetically explains the back stories behind real people who have survived and or live with mental illness. After it's opening night, our reviewer Colin Mockett described the play as 'compelling theatre' and nominated every one of the actors for our awards. These included some of our finest - and most awarded - actors in Philip Besancon,  Nikki Watson,  Lina Libroaperto, Stacey Carmichael, Stuart Errey, Simon Finch and  Libby Stapleton. 

Their new Geelong season has  just 3 performances in October at the Court House Theatre, Gheringhap St. 

Find booking details on the Comprehensive Diary HERE

Read our original Hope Song review HERE

Dom's a plant in our Little Shop of Horrors

CenterStage Geelong has announced the cast of its production of the comedy musical Little Shop Of Horrors, to be presented in the company's Warehouse 26 venue late October/early November. The lead part of Seymour will be played by  Connor Rawson, Audrey by Alicia O'Bree.  The plant Audrey II is Dom Wolfram, 

Mushnik by David Mackay. The Dentist by  Mick Watson, Ronnette: Elly Howlett, Chiffon: India Ney and Crystal: by Dylan McBurney.  Ensemble and featured cameos by Marnie Parkinson, Leticia Bayliss, Will Johnston, Patrick Bongiorno, Annie Sargent, Michele Marcu, Jo Jarwood, Taylah Matchett and Maddy Ludbrook. Little Shop Of Horrors opens October 27. 

Find full dates and booking details on our Comprehensive Diary HERE. 

Bkackadder in November

Skin of our Teeth Productions founder/director Christine Davey has announced the cast and crew for her company’s November production of Blackadder Goes Forth, the stage version of the hit British TV comedy.

Christine Davey is the show’s director, assisted by Wendy Joy. Emma-Louise Watson is costume manager, Cath Ryan producer and Theresa Lewis musical director.   The cast is: Captain Edmond Blackadder, - Scott Beaton, as Pt. Baldrick, -  Steven Georgiadis,  Lt. George - Ryan O'Connor,  Gen; Melchett - Barry Eeles,  and Capt. Darling, Mary Steuten.   The ensemble comprises Melissa Musselwhite, Kathryn O'Neill, Jacqui McSweeney, Gracie Rogers, Graci Lynch and  Michele Johnstone.

Blackadder Goes Forth opens in the Shenton Centre November 2. 

Details on the Diary HERE

Aladdin Geelong

Medimime Productions has announce a big  cast for its 2018 fundraising pantomime Aladdin. The show will be presented at GPAC November 2018, with all proceeds going to Barwon Health’s Bellarine Centre 6 South – that’s Geelong Hospital’s maternity ward.   Aladdin will be played by Seamus Kennedy,  Princess Jasmine by Jenna Irvin,  Abanazar by Liam Erck,  Genie of the Lamp by Daniel Grocott, Widow Twankey is Trent Inturrisi,  Wishee Washee: Tyler Stevens,  Nobby the Panda is Bart Abbas, The Empress is Deanne Elliott,  Sergeant Ping is Liz Lester,  PC Pong is Jo MacCarthy,  and the Genie of the Ring is Tara Dunstan.  The show’s adult ensemble comprises Erin Bloye, Sarah Booth, Louise Guilfoyle, Leanne Treloar, Tracey McKeague,  Karen Long, Tina Johnstone,  Amity Durran, Ruby Dillon, Sophie Cutropia, Kiara Troop, Claire Miller, Paige van der Chys,   Cate Dunstan, Meg Hellard, Trinity Marell-Seach, Maddy Horne, Liam South, Chris Maxwell, Ethan O’Brien, Seb Dowler, Kai Robinson.

and the child ensemble comprises Jemma Kevich, Grace Williamson, Bonnie Clissold, Grace McConachy, Tilly Lewis, Maggie McKeague, Zara Salajan, Kayla Booth, Lexi Daley, Jacob Irwin, Alisha Jones, Mia Walters, Tess Chatham, Amelia Treloar-Lowne, Lindsay Musella.

Aladdin opens November 16.

Details on the Diary HERE

Les Mis returns to the Geelong Footlights

Geelong’s multi-awarded Footlight Productions has announced that it will present the world’s most popular musical - Les Miserables - in Geelong January 2019.

The company this year presented a season of Disney’s Beauty And The Beast. It last presented Les Mis in 2013.

Damned good idea

Geelong's Theatre of the Damned, the company started by Tony and Elise Dahl and dedicated to bringing new and interesting musicals to our region has announced that it will stage two shows in 2019. The company will present It's A Bird, It's A Plane - It's Superman! in April next year, and If/Then in August.

Both are American, started on Broadway, and neither has been presented in our region before.
You'll find dates and details on this site as soon as they are announced. 

Our Amy takes a Helpmann

Geelong’s Amy Lehpamer has been named among the best performers in Australia, taking a Helpmann award for her part as Cynthia Weil in Beautiful, the Carole King musical. The Helpmanns, awarded annually in Sydney, are the equivalent of New York’s Tony Awards, or London’s Oliviers. They’re named after the world renowned Australian dancer, actor, director and choreographer Sir Robert Helpmann.  This year was the third year in succession that Amy had been nominated for a Helpmann, after her performances in the lead as Dusty in 2017, and as Maria in The Sound Of Music in 2016.  She’s currently in rehearsal for the Australian premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway and West End smash hit rock musical, School of Rock which opens at Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre late October. Amy will play the headmistress, Rosalie Mullins. And if her looks are familiar to Drop Of A Hat’s Concert Of The Decade audiences - that’s because Amy was previously the leader of our Geelong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Book from merged talents

In an unusual project of stretched and merged local artistic  talents, long-time Geelong Chorale soprano Yvonne Williams has  published her first book - a hardback children's fantasy titled The Tales Of Cleo And Oscar. It's beautifully illustrated with original paintings by renowned local landscape water-colourist and musician John Hughson.  The book, aimed at pre-teens, follows the fun and morally-uplifting adventures of two talkative cats, their owner and friends with a very country-Australian background. It also contains verse and music. The book is Yvonne's first publication, and John's first collaborative illustrative work.
The book is available from the author, or at Fyansford's Papermills Gallery from September.

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Geelong just loves its musicals. 2018 has ten so far..

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Following Footlight’s Beauty and the Beast in January, 42nd Street in March and TotD’s The Toxic Avenger in April, came Song Contest - The Almost Eurovision Experience presented by Geelong Lyric in May, Shrek - The Musical staged by GSODA in June, CenterStage’s We Will Rock You in July/August, Theatre of the Damned’s Chicago and Clonard's Grease in August, GSODA Collective's Godspell in September and CenterStage’s Little Shop Of Horrors in October/November.
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