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About editor, Colin Mockett

About editor, Colin Mockett

Geelong is Victoria's second largest city, home to some 250,000 people. It is situated a bay away from Victoria’s state capital, Melbourne. The distance is 70km by road, 50 minutes by rail.
Until recently, Geelong had a deep-seated  reputation as an industrial centre with a popular  AFL football team.  As a result, Geelong’s principal media, The Geelong Advertiser is cheerfully and unapologetically footy-fixated, relegating the city’s arts and culture to minor coverage. That’s why this webpage was originally started in early 2002. But over the past couple of decades, much has changed.
Geelong's  industrial reputation has dissolved with the closure of Alcoa and Ford plants. But Geelong is experiencing a renaissance on the back of relocated State Government offices and a steady growth in tourism. The region has wonderful tourist assets including a stunning north-facing waterfront, a truly amazing 1920s sea-swimming enclosure and 'People's Playground' at Eastern Beach - that’s our pagetop banner - and a historic Botanic Gardens with 21st Century drought-proof wedge. All are free entry, and within a short, easy walk from the city centre.   There are a dozen golf courses within 20 minutes drive, scores of shopping centres and the region has no less than 29 Art Galleries and 15 Theatre groups. We’re home to Deakin University, a dozen top schools and no fewer than 16 free libraries, including the showplace award-winning Dome. Geelong may have the reputation as an ex-industrial town - but it has a rich and vibrant cultural heart.  
The city  has a long, deep fascinating history, too, both from its indigenous aspect - home to the Wathaurong nation for 60,000 years - and also since European colonial settlement.
So it's certainly worth a visit, and a stay.
And if you're headed our way, you can use this website to discover all  the top-quality entertainment you'll find here.


About editor, Colin Mockett

About editor, Colin Mockett

About editor, Colin Mockett

Colin Mockett edits this website. When not in the nerd chair, he's a researcher, writer, broadcaster, historian, critic and actor. 

He's also a stand-up comedian, compere, entertainer, raconteur, tour guide, publisher and producer.
He's a literary journeyman with a swag of journalism awards who possesses a healthy cynicism, sharp sense of humour and a penchant for  poetry.
As well as editing this website he is it's chief reviewer and he chairs the panel which chooses the winners of  our theatre awards.  Aside from theatre, Colin guests on three radio shows each week: Monday afternoons talking history with Daryl & Roxy on BAY-FM, Wednesday mornings talking politics and entertainment on Scanlan's Front Page at The Pulse, then Wednesday lunchtimes he talks environmental living on The Sustainable Hour, also on The Pulse. As a tour guide he frequently hosts tourists - by the cruise-liner or busload showing them the best of Geelong as well as the City’s historical highlights. He wrote and appears in Geelong's ground-breaking (pun intended) History Alive! Cemetery Tours where tourists meet the cemetery's residents to hear their personal stories. Colin writes and appears in the City of Greater Geelong's 'Morning Showtimes at The Potato Shed,  He's a sought-after compere for conventions and occasions and an accomplished off-the-cuff actor providing surprise 'guests' at conventions and occasions. He’s also a well know deliverer of historical characters. including  Captain Fyans who is a favourite for school groups taking happy history-themed walking tours through Geelong's  historic precincts.   Colin has published four joke books and edited four books of Geelong senior citizens memories collected during past Seniors Festivals.  Colin married singer/musician /actor Shirley Power in 1990, and their partnership – both on an off stage enhanced each of their careers - as well as Geelong's entertainment scene.   


About Drop Of A Hat

About editor, Colin Mockett

About Drop Of A Hat

This website is the flagship of Geelong's Drop Of A Hat Productions.

The company was founded by writer Colin Mockett and musician Shirley Power in the mid 1990s to create quality entertainment that could be staged at short notice. Our company has  links throughout Geelong's theatre companies, making us capable of staging the widest spectrum of entertainment, from  plays, documentaries and musicals to costumed  re-enactments, comedy shows, classical and rock & roll concerts.
Our company can provide speakers for meetings, historical colour for occasions, local information delivered with wit and style for conventions or costumed period entertainment for theme nights.

We can, and do, provide leaders for walking groups for interest-packed tours of Geelong's built history, or step-on guides to highlight the best of our city to bus tourists and cruise-liner passengers.
Drop Of A Hat holds some enviable records - and some unusual ones, too.

We organised the region's biggest-ever concert involving more than 600 performers as a free outdoor waterfront bonanza to celebrate Australia's Centenary of Federation.  We created the 'Concert Of The Decade' series that filled the 1,400 Costa Hall for 14 performances over nine years.   We also produced and staged  original musical shows for the City's Morning Showtime series - more than 50 new shows over 17 years, all featuring our region's top performers.  Our company's stock-in trade is a list of highly mobile original musical shows that are able to be staged at short notice in local halls.  They're all written and produced by by Colin, musically directed by Shirley - and they all have  qualities in common.

They are original, and will feature fine quality live music. They are usually happy, fun and informative, frequently history-based and almost always backed by projected images.

And they're always well received. 

See our 2020 shows HERE

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